Composite Filling

Smile is the most beautiful curve someone can have. Oral health is essential to maintain the smile and its beauty. A healthy smile indicates a healthy body. Missing tooth affect the smile. But we can do a lot about it. Dental implants are a way of getting replacements for the lost teeth. The artificial teeth are anchored in the jaws and become a part of the bone structure. Let’s check out the benefits of the dental implants. We see the celebrities showing off how young they look despite their age. It is no other magical formula but the smile that keeps them looking gorgeous all the time. The face is made in its perfect shape with the teeth included. Without teeth, the face loses its true shape and beauty. The skin around the mouth looks loose and wrinkled in the absence of teeth. In such a condition the dental implant can not only bring back the beauty but also the confidence to smile brightly.

For a long time, dentists have been using amalgam or special metal alloys to fill the dental cavities but modern dentists suggest that the holes in the teeth should be filled by composite fillings. There are so many benefits of tooth-colored fillings.

History of Fillings
Fillings have been around for a long time. Researchers have found out that fillings made up of beeswax. The oldest was found in 7500-9500 years old molars in Pakistan. In the 19th century, metals were used for teeth filling. The metals like gold and silver were softened before they were put on the tooth. In the later years, dental amalgam was introduced. A dental amalgam is a mixture of tin, silver, copper and mercury. Because of the use of mercury in the amalgam, a huge controversy emerged as mercury seeps into the human system and causes health issues like cancer and multiple sclerosis etc. Because of this, many patients hesitated when opting for fillings. Nowadays fillings are available that are made up of different types of materials such as gold, porcelain, silver or composite resin filings.

Composition of Composite Fillings
The composite resin fillings are made up of powdered glass and plastic, which is placed directly on the tooth. After placing the composite, it is shaped and polished. To accelerate the bonding process a curing light or laser is used. Composite fillings are more durable than the porcelain fillings and are comparatively less expensive than the gold and silver fillings. One of the most important features of the composite filling is that they do not expand and contract like traditional amalgam fillings. Composite fillings look very similar to the natural teeth.  

Composite Fillings Advantages
Composite fillings are preferred by the dentists because of a number of reasons. These fillings are durable and strong. They do not require multiple visits to the dentist and can be planted in a single visit. Unlike the traditional fillings, composite fillings require very little removal of the original tooth It bonds very well to the enamel of the teeth and also allows easy identification of tooth decay nearby.

Best Dental Filling

The best filling is no dental filling. Prevention is way better than medicine. To avoid going on such a stage that the tooth requires filling one should regularly brush teeth twice a day. A fluoride toothpaste is the best option. Flossing daily is also very important. Moreover, the importance of a balanced diet is inevitable. Avoiding sticky sugary food is also a helpful option. Along with all this, visiting your dentist on regular basis is imperative so that we know when the problem starts.