Take your time choosing a dentist; don’t wait for an emergency! There are several things to consider when looking for a dentist.

Location and office hours– Choose a dentist close to home or work. This will make it easier to schedule visits and to arrive on time. Also, make sure that the dental office is open on the days and at the times when you are able to schedule an appointment.

Cost–Does the dentist accept your insurance? Does the dentist offer multiple payment options (credit cards, personal checks, payment plans)? If your insurance plan requires referrals to specialists, can this dentist provide them?

Also, be aware that costs vary by practice. If you can, get estimates of what your dentist might charge for common procedures such as fillings, crowns or root canal therapy. Even if you have dental insurance, you may be paying part of the costs yourself.

Personal comfort–One of the most important things to consider when you choose a dentist is whether you feel comfortable with that person. Are you able to explain symptoms and ask questions? Do you feel like the dentist hears and understands your concerns? Would you feel comfortable asking for pain medicine, expressing your fear or anxiety, or asking questions about a procedure?

Professional qualifications–The dentist’s office should be able to tell you about the dentist’s training. The office also should have policies on infection control. If the staff seems uncomfortable answering your questions, or you are uncomfortable with their answers, consider finding another dentist. You can also obtain information about a dentist’s qualifications from the local dental society or your insurance carrier. Most organizations of specialty dentists also list their members and qualifications.

Emergency care–Find out what happens if you have an emergency, either during normal office hours, or at night or on a weekend. A dentist should not refer you to a hospital emergency room. You should be able to contact your dentist (or a suitable substitute) at any time by calling an answering service, cell phone or pager.

State licensing boards–Most state dental boards have a website where you can verify if your dentist is licensed. The website also should tell you whether there have been any disciplinary actions taken against him or her.

Finding the best and right dentist depends on many factors and all are equally important. It is quite essential to do proper research and scouting before settling for one. Try asking your friends and family for recommendations or contact your physician to ask if they recommend a dental practitioner. Going through the internet will also prove to be helpful since the most renowned ones do showcase on social media. Your budget is also very important so keep that in mind and do check to see if the dentist is a reasonable guy and isn’t some underground tooth remover. The slightest bit uncomfortable you are with the dentist, do not hesitate on asking questions. It is best to have all your doubts cleared than to end up getting yourself in a bitter pile of problems that add on to your dental ones.

Certainly, following the steps mentioned above you should also refer to the most popular dental clinics in your area. Huge hospitals aren’t necessarily the best options. A start up clinic could also hone an amazing practitioner but you have got to do your own verification for that. Do not be hasty in this process. Finding the right dentist will have you set for life and will make things quite simple for you. Going on and on, visiting a different dentist each time will only cause confusion. Good luck on finding the best dentist!