Why Does Your Jaw Hurt?

You may wonder why your jaw may hurt. It could be somethingas common as a toothache, or as big as a heart attack, but here are some commonreasons why. Your jawbone is a mandible, which connects to the school at thedifferent points known as TMJs, and the are just in front of where your earsare, and they open and close.  Your jawalso houses your gums and teeth, and it can get sensitive due to the pressurethat and different temperatures, and of course, infections happen if they’renot cleaned up.

Some people do have jaw pain due to TMJ issues, and about 12% of people get these. Albeit they’re more common in women, have jaw injuries, arthritis, or any problem that attacks the cartilage that can loosen it. If you do think you have it, get it checked out, and you can get drugs for pain, and some exercises for muscle strengthening, and to quit biting your nails or chewing gum. If it’s really bad, you may need surgery to fix the issue.

Trauma is another reason.  If you knock it out of place and injure it, this can make it hurt.  Pain medication, eating soft foods, and time does heal it if you hurt it, but if you can’t move your mouth, or if the pain won’t leave, you may need to see a medical professional.

Dental problems are another reason for pain. A toothache, cavity, abscess, a cracked or crowded tooth that’s sensitive to temperature or pressure, or even gum disease can be the cause of it, and you can see the dentist for help with this. Until then, you need to rinse your mouth out with warm water and use floss to get any food out from where the pain is.

If you’ve got arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis, it can attack the TMJ area.  It is autoimmune, so your body mistakenly attacks the healthy tissue to make it swell, and it can hurt the cartilage that’s there, which makes it stiff and sore.

But, other diseases can hurt this as well. While they’re prevented with a vaccine, mumps can do this, and tetanus might be the case too, since early signs of this are that you’re tight and stiff, and it can make you lockjaw.  Both are serious and need to be treated.

Finally, it’s a signal for a heart attack. that’s because there’s a cluster of nerves that cause the pain, such as in the heart, and if you do have a heart condition and feel this, it might be a sing of that, and you should seek out medical care immediately.

If you know about the different reasons behind why your jaw hurts, you’ll be able to rectify the issue immediately. you’ll be much happier with the results if you get this taken care of immediately, and you’ll be able to have a jaw that doesn’t hurt, and can reduce the pain in there too.