A Quick Guide for Getting Braces

Braces are a super common option for people to straighten their teeth. They essentially put pressure on the teeth continually, shifting them into alignment.

Now, to prepare for these, always talk to your dentist so they can get you a good orthodontist that fits your needs. When you first meet the orthodontist, they’ll ask you questions about your oral health, and from there, perform clinical exams.  you’ll then get a series of x-rays that in turn will tell you what you need, and you’ll get a mold of your teeth too. At this point, they’ll know how to go forth with the treatment of that situation.

Typically, you’ll begin by having a thorough cleaning and drying of the teeth. you’ll then get an adhesive put on to attach the brackets. Once the brackets are on, you’ll then have an arch wire placed in through the brackets, and then elastic to push them in place. It takes about an hour or two, and while the procedure isn’t painful in it of itself, sometimes it does cause discomfort after, and usually, your tongue and cheek will rub against it, making it sensitive, and your teeth will initially feel very sore. It takes about a week to fully get used to them.

Now, when you get them, you should care for them so that you can get the best results. Daily brushing and flossing should be done, and you should get brushes that allow you to clean those areas that are hard to reach around the brackets and wires. Since brushing is difficult with braces, you’ll probably spend more than a couple minutes a day taking out the plaque and cleaning off the gumline.  When you floss, always use a waxed dental floss so it doesn’t get stuck between the teeth.

You will want to use a floss threader at first to get the floss to the right length, about 18 inches, and then push it through your teeth just under the wire of the bracket in a careful manner between each of the teeth. You will need to repeat the whole process and move to cleaner areas with a back and forth motion as you go along with each of the teeth.

Finally, you’re going to need to pay attention to the foods you consume. Foods high in sugar tend to cause an excess plaque buildup that will cause teeth damage, and sometimes eating caramels, gummy candies, nuts popcorn, and others can become lodged and damage the brackets, so don’t do that. Always visit the dentist and the orthodontist regularly when you do this since it will help with adjustments, and making it easier for you to take care of your teeth now, and in the future.  It does play a major role in the way your teeth are taken care of, so definitely consult the orthodontist in order to figure out what you need, and follow the regimen that they give you for the best results.