Do You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Do You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Whether you’re an adolescent, young adult, or parent, you’ve probably wondered if you need your wisdom teeth removed. it’s never a fun procedure, but do you need it/ it’s kind of a rite of passage to some, but not everyone needs it.  Here, we’ll tell you whether you should worry about this or not.

For starters, they got their name because they come in when you’re older, and hopefully wiser. They happen around the ages of 17-21, but they can sometimes come in later. they’re at the back of the mouth, two on top and two on the bottom.  Wisdom teeth are essentially molars that complete the set of 32 adult teeth, and they’re the toughest of them all, and that’s why they are wide. But, they may need to be removed because of how big they are.

Usually, you need them removed if they’re impacted, meaning they’re not coming in properly, so they lie in a horizontal manner, instead of upright near where the gumline and these cause a ton of pain. They also might come in at a wrong angle, meaning they’re not upright, but they’re lopsided, so they’ll damage the other teeth. If your jaw doesn’t have enough room for this, especially because have different diets, this happens. It also can be removed if you can’t reach the wisdom teeth with a brush and floss, meaning they get more cavities and gum disease. 

Wisdom teeth can cause a lot of damage, meaning they can ruin your smile, and f you had orthodontics, these can cause you to need more orthodontic work. Jaw damage, such as cysts that might be there because of the teeth might need surgery to be removed and can turn into tumors.  Sinus pain can also be caused by this, especially pressure, headaches, and congestion. Finally, cavities and gum disease can happen too if you can’t reach all the teeth, ultimately resulting in tooth loss.

Simply put, it’s not fun.

When should they be removed then? Well, the younger the better. It can be harder to remove them when you’re older, and the recovery process is much more difficult. If you have a teenage child that’s never had an evaluation of their wisdom tooth, get them to see the dentist.  You can have the dentist look for the wisdom teeth, how many need to be removed, when they should be removed, and if they need to be removed period.

So, do you always need them removed? Not necessarily, because they can grow in just fine. But, far too often these don’t grow in right, so it’s much better, and healthier for you as well, to just get these removed whenever physically possible, so that you can prevent further health complications in the future, ad it can make a world of a difference in the way that you handle this, and how you treat your teeth, for it can make a big difference in the overall oral health too.