All about Single Tooth Implants

If you’re looking to get an implant, you can actually get one with a dental specialist, and they’ll do a comprehensive exam, and look at the dental and medical history. The specialist will then make sure to see if you have a disease that will harm the implant. If there aren’t any issues, then they’ll give you x-rays and such of your teeth and gums in order to provide a model for the tooth. This is usually for those that have experienced an injury that’s traumatic, or in the event that a tooth implant didn’t show up in the mouth, or if there is a posterior tooth that has advanced dental decay, or a root canal that wasn’t successful.

Now, if you’re thinking about getting a dental bridge, having an implant is actually better, since it will prevent the dentist from cutting down the healthy teeth to support this, and the jawbone can reabsorb and hold onto the dental implant is placed in the jaw.  it’s essentially rooted in as a missing tooth, and you’ll be able to preserve the bone.

Now, an implant is a metal device that’s put in the jawbone to replace your missing teeth. Your dentist will work with a dental specialist and from there, they’ll work through the process such as the implant, the anchor which is the metal device, and the abutment that is attached by the center screw that connects this, and then finally the crown or bridge of the implant itself.

Now, after you get the okay from the dentist, they will numb the area with anesthesia, sometimes know you out.  They will then cut the tissue and pull the flaps back. The dentist will then look at the bone that’s underlying and from there, drill the hole for the implant. Once the hole is drilled, the implant will be inserted, and the gum tissue will be reflapped back in place, and dental sutures are there to help anchor it.  From there, you’ll then have to wait a few months for it to heal, and there might be a temporary crown put on. 

The second part is putting the abutment and from there the crown on top of this.  you’ll then have a new, healthy tooth there that will help keep the jaw area health and preserve the bone.

At this point, the crown will then be added on top, ad it will be placed on top of the tooth itself.  From there, you’ll have a healthy, one implant that will make you feel good.

If you’re a bit self-conscious of your smile because of the way that it looks with that extra hole there, then chances are, you’ll want a crown.  If you’re looking into getting one of these, you’ll want to get an implant with a crown on top, and here, we discussed what these simple implants entail, and why they are the best solution for those that are looking to make sure that they get the most out of their dental care.