Heperangina and Children

Heperangina and Children

Children are prone to bumps and bruises due to their active lifestyle and curiosity.  If there are painful, red bumps on there, it’s not a result of falling down or mere childlike curiosity, but your child might have gotten herpangina, and here, you’ll find out about this condition, and how you can relieve the pain from this.

So what this is, is a condition that happens between children 1-4, and it manifests itself with small blister lesions in the throat and mouth, and it’s attributed to the ECHO virus as the cause. This condition peaks within the summer and fall, and it is most prevalent in children, but some adults can get it as well, and it’s called the hand, foot, and mouth disease. it’s uncomfortable for a child, but it can be cleared within a week or so.

As for the symptoms, usually a headache, fever, loss of appetite, or even a sore throat that makes swallowing painful can be a big part of it. The mouth sores look like fluid bumps or blisters that are whitish gray and have a reddish border. They are visible within the roof of the mouth, back of the throat, or other fixed structures within the mouth, going from 101 to as high as 106, and you need to make sure that you avoid dehydration as much as possible.

Now, the biggest thing to realize from this is that it’s a viral condition, so all you can do is to make the chld comfortable, or as comfortable as having a viral infection can be.  You should try to releive the symptoms using ibuprofen or acetaminophen, or increasing the cold fluids, eating a non-irritating, bland diet, and then gargling with cool water or peroxyl.  By trying to maintain the enviromnet when your’e sick might be hard, but trying to get a toothbrushing routine in place, or swishing with mouth wash can help with the irritations.  You should obviosuly make sure that you see a doctor too so that you can figure out the best way to handle this in an age-appropriate manner.  This is very contagious though, so chances are it will be spread to siblings or classmates, so you should make sure that anysurfaces the child touche is heavily disinfected, and you should isolate the child within the home and keep them out of daycare or school until they have completely recovered.

It can potentially be a bit of a deadly viral infection if you’re not careful, especially if a fever accompanies it. But, usually after about a week or so, the child will recover from this, and you’ll realize over time that this was just a bad time for them, and they will be able to fully recover, and from there, go on playing about. If you do end up seeing these bumps in the mouth, and the child is feeling terrible, do take them to the doctor obviously, and make sure that they get the proper care needed.