How to Conquer Halitosis

How to Conquer Halitosis

Halitosis can majorly impact your life and your self-confidence. But, there are ways to conquer bad breath, so you feel happy about your won breathing.

First and foremost, practice good oral hygiene. This is more imperative than anything else, since not only does it keep tooth decay and gum disease away, ti also can freshen breath. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day, even after meals, can help with this. Brushing our tongue can also be great, since this will help with keeping it clean, and you can use a tongue scraper. Afterward, rinse your mouth with either mouthwash or water to get rid of the rest of the debris.

Next, look at how much water you’re drinking. Halitosis often happens when you don’t’ have a wet enough mouth and usually, there isn’t enough saliva that washes away the food. Correcting this may be as simple as staying hydrated, and drinking water is the easiest way to boost your saliva.  You should start to drink more water, and take a sip whenever you feel like you need it.

Another is sugar-free gum.  You should make sure that you have some of that since it’s a great way to combat dry mouth. Chewing a gum that’s minty will help keep your mouth smelling as fresh as it does after you brush your teeth, so you should make sure your gum is sugar free beforehand.

Also, avoid any foods that make your breath reek. These can include garlic, alcohol, coffee, and onions. Anything that dehydrates you should also be avoided.  You should make sure that you don’t just drink it and then clean your teeth, since these can travel to the lungs, and the odor will be there as you breathe out. If you’re really self-conscious, then don’t have this, and try to keep your breath as fresh as you can.

Consider eating foods rich in zinc. Many who suffer from halitosis have lowered zinc levels. Zinc is actually incredibly good for you because it is an antimicrobial that will help clean your mouth of the bacteria that’s smelly. You can boost these levels by eating foods that are rich in this, such as some oysters, beef, tofu, lentils, and seeds from pumpkins.  You should also avoid alcohol too since this will lower your zinc absorption.

Finally, chew some parsley after meals. This garnish contains something called chlorophyll, which is a natural deodorizing that’s proven to freshen your breath. Chewing on the leaves after is all you need to do in order to unlock these powerful benefits, and you should always consider having this right after a meal.

When it comes to your own personal health and wellness, you should make sure that you take your breath into consideration, since it is a part of who you are, and if you notice that it’s starting to stink, or it smells really bad no matter what, you should then take the time to freshen it as you can.