About hairline tooth Fractures

About hairline tooth Fractures

It happens in an instant.  You bite down on something, and then you feel a sharp pain, but then it goes away. that’s a hairline tooth fracture, and it can potentially cause tooth loss in your teeth. How does it happen, and what should you do about it? Well, you should read on to find out.

These are common in your teeth. Oftentimes, there are craze lines that happen, that appear on the enamel cracks of the teeth. Craze lines don’t cause pain or require treatment.

Vertical cracks happen up and down the tooth, and if it doesn’t extend to the gumline, you can save the tooth. But, if it does reach into the gumline, you’ll need to extract it.

Then there is a split tooth, which has a crack that separates the tooth into segments, and from there, if it’s large enough, it isn’t possible to save the tooth.

Finally, you have a fractured cusp. Usually, it doesn’t affect the pulp, so it won’t cause too much pain.

These usually happen when you chew on harder objects, pressure from teeth grinding or a jaw clenching, a blow to a face, fillings that are too large, sudden temperature changes, and also age, since most over 50 experience this.

Some symptoms of this include pain that goes away and then comes back, sensitivity to various sweets, coolness, and heat, and swollen gums around teeth that hurt. Crack teeth hurt when you bite down, simply cause the pressure of this cracks it open. When you stop biting, you release the pressure, and while these cracks are often microscopic in size, they reveal the pulp within there, and if they’re damaged and effected, then you’re going to need a root canal.

These are often diagnosed in different ways especially since they’re too small to be seen by the naked eye.  Visual exams are done with a magnifying glass, a physical exam to see if there is a crack there, gums are often checked especially if there is inflammation. Dental dye sometimes is used to help find the cracks visually. Finally, X-rays are used to reveal tiny cracks, showing the health of the teeth, sometimes indicating the health of the teeth too. Sometimes, if you feel paint, the dentist will use that.

The solutions to it depend on how deep it is.  If it’s a very small crack, then sometimes dental bonding works to fill that in. a crown, made of ceramic or porcelain is also used. Sometimes root canals are used to remove the damaged pulp and then restore the tooth integrity. Finally, if it’s too much, and they’re severely damaged, sometimes you need to remove the tooth.

If you feel pain when you bite down, and you feel like you’re going crazy cause of the pain from this, then you should go see a dentist, and get the relief that you need. You owe it to yourself to have the right treatment at hand for this type of phenomena.