Dental Implant Options

Dental Implant Options

When we think of our teeth as units, the dentist each gives the tooth a name and the number, but while they make up a system togethasically a neighbor to the other that functions as wone.  Each part of our teeth is a keystone that offers a lot of stones and bricks in one specific place. That’s why, if you need to replace a tooth, implants aren’t just used as something that will help that tooth that’s missing, but the other tooth as well that’s nearby. 

For this, you can look at human teeth as being made of both front and back teeth. The anterior teeth or the canines and incisors are used to help with tearing and eating food. The posterior teeth are used for chewing and grinding.

The posterior teeth also support the height of the face. If they are lost, the face then starts to collapse on the posterior bite.  The teeth then move, and the changes that occur in the back include issues with spacing and biting, and these changes also put pressure on your front teeth that tend to splay out frontward.

All of these have implications on the form and aesthetics and the bite that’s there too. They also have ramifications for the structures including the facial and jaw ones, and this can affect everything from the skin around the mouth to even your jaw muscles as well.

It can even affect the jaw joints. The appearance also begins to change as the height of the jaw starts to decrease. The wrinkles then increase and the corners of your mouth droop. It also can become difficult to eat the foods that you used to love due to swallowing issues too, and it can cause social issues and consequences from tooth loss. Even singing, talking and laughing are all affected by this. all of this can lead to poor general and mental health as well.

Tooth replacements are definitely a good way to replace all of this and prevent issues in the mouth as well. You can even get removable options too, which include flippers and precision made partial dentures as well. Both of these can replace individual, or certain teeth groups.  This is good for a lot of people who want something a little bit cheaper and faster than regular implants, and this can help with further problems as well. 

These are short term options though, and these partial dentures should be replaced every five or so years.

For total tooth replacement, the full dentures has before been the only option, however, this can compromise the facial structures, and there are also a lot of issues with how quickly it accelerates tooth loss.

As these continue to collapse, the full dentures must be realigned or made thicker to compensate for the bone loss and facial sagging, and these are good for he lower jaw where there isn’t a palate for this.

There are non-removable options, but these are good for bridging gaps. You can get the abutment ones that are in the mouth, but a lot of the big issues with bridges is they cut down the tooth, which causes issues with the long term health. The best way to replace teeth which have been lost is through the use of full dental implants, since they last the longest, and they’re also the ones that make a person less prone to disease than other options out there, and they’re the most successful as well.