Do Probiotics help Oral Health

Do Probiotics help Oral Health

New studies have shown that probiotics, which are live microorganisms that are considered friendly bacteria, can have health benefits that go far beyond the stomach.  This new area of research shows that this can help not only with bad breath, but even fighting gum disease and plaque too.

This can help stop and slow the decay of infection that leads to oral disease. Of course, here are the results of some of the studies that have shown that it can help create positive effects, and of course, the best foods for this.

So what has research said on this? Well, there is a probiotic that reduces gum bleeding in patients with a severe or even moderate gingivitis. This can help with the formation of plaque too, reducing it by at least 20%.  Other studies show that probiotics can inhibit bacteria that create sulfur compounds, and of course odorous substances that will create ad breath. They may even help with fighting oral cancer, preventing it too.

So how do they work? Well, they’re helpful because they can help target the pathogens, eating them and preventing them from getting a foothold in the body. They will also boost the immune system, and hinder these pathogens from binding to the tissues in the body. This can also kill and reduce the growth of pathogens by creating agents that will make it harder for them to thrive. This also can help reduce inflammation, which will curtail pathogens, and it can stimulate bone formation, which will repair the bone that deteriorated from the advanced gum disease which may be there.

So where can you get this from? Well, natural provides a lot of different ways to naturally boost this, and there are also prebiotics which can promote the growth of these microbes within the intestines. Probiotic foods do include kefir, yogurt, cultured cottage cheese along with buttermilk, and there are also fermented veggies and teas that will help with this.  you can have artichokes, hickory root, oats tat are raw and unrefined wheat and barley.  These can be hard to put completely into a diet, but learning to substitute some of these out may be a good thing for you.

Of course, the use of these will help with prevention of disease, not just oral health issue. But you will increase the likelihood of having healthy gums and teeth for a long time, and having a lot of these probiotic and prebiotic foods will help, and doing this along with brushing your teeth with the proper toothbrush and toothpaste can help too. You should also make sure not to forgo checkups either, since they are kind of important for building and maintaining the proper health and wellness for many people.

Probiotics are powerful, and they’re great for having a healthy and happy body, and here, you learned why a lot of people like to take them, and some of the best sources for them as well.