About Us

Do you realize just how important dental care is?  Here at SanjoseCADentists.com, we want to encourage those to use proper oral health routines, and to properly take care of their teeth.

Dental care is something that many of us take for granted. Oftentimes, when we think about our health, we think about eating right, exercising, and the like, but do you ever think about your oral health?

Taking care of your oral health is just as important as your body, and that’s because of the following:

  • If you don’t take care of it now, it can lead to other problems
  • It’s often an overlooked part of one’s hygiene routine

That’s why we write this content because often oral health is something that is so simple but is often overlooked.

One thing we noticed when we put together this blog, was that many people don’t take care of their teeth. After a while, they start to grow unhealthy, and it’s why many people see an increased chance of heart disease, diabetes, and even strokes when they aren’t taking care of their teeth. Even the healthiest people tend to have heart conditions come up if their teeth aren’t taken care of.

Many people these days suffer from some form of gingivitis. Whether it’s a mild form that requires a scaling and mild monitoring, or a major one that can result in extractions in the mouth, this is a big problem that relates to both diet, and oral care. Oral care is a must for people to have, and it’s why we are so passionate about this.

By taking care of your teeth through the tips and posts that are here, to also learning about how the dentist works, we aim to ensure that people take care of themselves, and from there, we are able to create a good idea for people to continue to follow. By making it easy for others to learn how to take care of their teeth, we’ve learned that people have, since then, learned to become better at doing this.

Oral care is so overlooked.  You see this in the foods that we eat these days too. How many foods do you eat that are loaded with sugars? The answers are probably obvious. We eat so many foods that contain sugars it’s not even funny. Even just the so-called “healthy” foods that we eat are loaded with sugars, which in turn will eat at your mouth, and in turn, start to cause tooth decay.

When not taken care of, it will end up eating away at the enamel, and in turn, will create caries, gingivitis if it ends up hitting the gums, and periodontitis. This is a major problem, and we here want to make sure that you know about this so that you can watch what you eat, and take care of yourself.

Being able to take care of your oral health isn’t that hard. In essence, you need to do three things, and three things alone. They are as follows:

  • Watch what you eat, and do ingest foods that aren’t laden with sugars
  • Take care of your teeth and do work on brushing and flossing every single day
  • Go to the dentist, and from there, see them so that you can take care of your teeth, and make sure that you do handle any problems that come up

These are so simple, but they often aren’t done by the average person. But, if you want teeth that aren’t healthy, that end up decaying and causing other problems after a while, then continue along this route.

The purpose of our blog isn’t to scare you, or to shame you or anything. I get it, it happens a lot when people are busy, and often oral health isn’t talked about in a positive manner. But, through this blog, with some tips and tricks, and through the use of these various methods and procedures, we’ll tell you right away what you’re getting into, and hopefully from there, you won’t be as scared to see the dentist, and instead greet the dentist with a smile on your face instead of a feeling of dread at what may come next.