What Your Tongue says about You

Our tongue is something that we all take for granted, and something that we do need in order to play a role in our bodies. Our tongue is something that actually tells us a lot about who we are, and here, you’ll learn about the tongue, why it matters, and some cool tidbits about what your tongue says about who you are.

First, the white coating on your tongue can oftentimes be a sign of something such as oral thrust, yeast outgrowths that happen within the oral cavity, or in some cases, it may mean that you haven’t brushed your teeth as of yet. If you notice that the white goes away after you brush your teeth, then you’re fine.

There are also white patches on your tongue. This is a symptom of leukoplakia, which is a condition that happens if the tongue is irritated, and if you’re using tobacco every single day it will cause that. Many medical professionals will tell you to quit smoking, but that’s something you need to do for yourself. The only other reason is there might be oral cancer, and if there is a chance for that, you should always go see your dentist to help eliminate that chance.

If your tongue is overly red, it’s a sign of Kawasaki disease, and it’s a vitamin deficiency, oftentimes associated with folic acid, or B-12, and oftentimes, this one is one of the easier ways to fix the condition, since you can add a vitamin supplement to a smoothie, or have one first thing in the morning.

If you have red and irregular bumpy patches, this is actually a sign that it can be a lot worse for you if you don’t actually have the medical attention needed. It may accompany a high fever. If your tongue is sore and tender, oftentimes it might be due to oversensitivity, oftentimes developing when there is an allergy. Canker sores are also a sign of this too. They do go away after a bit, but you can always call your dentist in order to get a second opinion on this.

Then there’s hairy tongue. This sometimes happens due to a protein build—up that can cause the bumps to become elongated, rapping food there. That’s why it looks like their’s hair on your tongue when in reality, the easiest way to fix this is through tongue scraping or brushing effectively. If it doesn’t go away after a bit, then you should see the dentist, since it might be a sign of something more.

Your tongue does tell a lot about you, but the best way to figure out what that means is to see a dentist. It may be a benign thing, or it may be a serious health condition. Whatever the case though, you need to see a healthcare professional, and get a dental checkup, in order to help with this. Remember, preventing it now will help you remarkably in the future, especially if you’re struggling with keeping your oral health in check.