Tooth Bonding Procedure

If you have a chipped tooth, it doesn’t just cramp your smile, but it also can cause pain. Fortunately, there is bonding, which is simple and pretty comfortable. it’s quick and offers a long-lasting result.  If you want a smoother smile, here is how you can get one.

Before you get bonding, your dentist will discuss what you need.  The application works on areas with low pressure the best, such as the front teeth, or those with minor repair. When the damage is severe, or there is high bite pressure, you might be asked to get a veneer or a crown, which are good for extensive damage, or restoring the molars.

Now, tooth bonding is pretty simple.. they look at the tooth after getting a few x-rays, and from there, there is a resin that’s molded together onto the tooth, and from there, it fills in the chips and cracks on the teeth. It is almost indistinguishable from the enamel naturally, but before they begin, they may need to be roughened so the resin adheres properly. that’s done by a Dremel-like tool, and from there, you may feel a little bit of sensitivity, which depending on your comfort level you can always ask for a numbing agent to help numb the area and bring about further comfort.

The assistant will mix the resin to match the color of the tooth, and after the surface is roughened up, the resin is applied and shaped carefully. From there, there is a light that’s used to harden, and you might be asked to bite down to get any excess resin taken away.  Usually, this is repeated until it’s perfect.

You may feel a little bit strange after bonding, but nothing to worry about, simply because the mouth is sensitive to changes, and your teeth might feel wider.  It will bother you less.

It may not last as long as say veneers, but you should have at least a decade or more of wear depending on the area that it’s affected, and how you treat these when they’re restored. As an aside, bonding doesn’t resist staining as much as crowns and veneers, and it won’t respond to whitening treatments, so the best thing for you to do is to brush your teeth and floss, and make sure that you avoid anything that will crack the bonded areas, such as food wrappers you might open your mouth.

This is a simple procedure, and while it is small, it can actually majorly change the small. If you’ve got cracks and such that feel unsightly, and you’d like to beautify the area, then you’d definitely want to do this.  With a little bit of time and patience, you’ll be able to make your mouth look more beautiful than you’ve ever done before, and it is a small procedure, that doesn’t take too long, but as long as you take care of each of these areas, you’ll be able to keep your smile lasting a lifetime.