Oral multitasking for better Fitness

Oral multitasking for better Fitness

Half the working time that people use is committed to sitting and sedentary behaviors, which cause problems ranging from weight gain, to back loss to cancer and heart disease.  Too much standing can be just as bad, and your daily run isn’t enough for that. But, doing short bursts of activity is a great way to start.  You should try to get minimally 150 minutes of physical activity a week, which is 30 minutes a day. But, this can be hard, and with short bursts of exercise throughout the day, you can keep the chronic disease in its tracks. Small morning changes are actually really helpful, and combining this with oral health, even water flossing, and picks, will help with making your life easier.

Water flossing leg lifts, for example, are a good start. What you do is stand over the sink, lean in a forward manner, and rest a palm on the counter to support. Lean over the sink to water floss, and then extend a leg straight to hold of pause. Hold the stomach, keeping the back flat and the neck straight, and do this for 30 seconds, switching legs after.  You can do variations with fire hydrants, and you can even do a minute or more of this every single day, and they’re great for shaping the glutes as well!

Electric toothbrush wall sits is another.  The electric toothbrush usually has a 2 minute feature which signals every 30 seconds to switch the areas in the mouth.  You can do a wall sit with this, and to do so, put your back against the wall, bend the knees at a right angle, sliding down as needed, and hold the position for minimally 30 seconds, working up to 2 minutes of exercise each time.  This is a great one, and again, will be a total leg and glute killer.

Walking lunges are another good friend.  You can do this around the bathroom or bedroom where you lunge deeply and slowly, do about 10 each trip, and work up to 3 sets of these, adding 3 minutes of exercise every single day.

Finally, try some towel bar plies.  This is a good one to do when waiting for the shower to warm up. Keep the hells together or apart, push the toes outward, and keep a balanced and upward posture.  Move towards the floor without needing to bend forward, keeping knees over toes. Keep the shoulders back and stomach in, and then touch or hold the towel bar for balance, and from there, do about 10 of these each day, adding 2 minute minutes of exercise each day.

Commitment and changing old behaviors involves a willingness to try, and adopting these multitasking moves is a great way to get short bursts of activity to your day even with a busy schedule.  You should always check with a doctor before doing this, and once you get the okay, get your body moving, for your own personal health and wellness as well!