Influence of Your Oral Health on Overall Health

For many people, it doesn’t make sense for the oral health to have any influence over the general health. But the matter of fact is that there is a deeper connection between the both. If you are taking care of your teeth, you will not only be able to have an impressive smile but you will also be able to ensure better overall health from a number of perspectives.

Connection between oral and overall health

We have bacteria in our mouths. While most of the bacteria are not harmful, not taking care of the oral hygiene can result in a poor bacterial balance. The plaque created as a result of poor oral hygiene on the teeth is basically a mixture of food particles and bacteria. When bacteria consume these food particles, they release acids which can cause tooth decay, cavities and gum disease. If these problems are not treated on timely basis, they can cause the spread of infection to other systems of the body, leading to general health become more vulnerable. There are a number of health problems which tend to occur as a result of poor oral health.

Cardiovascular disorders

Research suggests that oral health infections can cause bacteria to enter into the bloodstream. These bacteria can cause blockage f arteries that run to and from the heart. The blocked arteries can result in several cardiovascular disorders which can turn out to be fatal.


If you have diabetes, you need to be very careful about your oral health. The reason is that the gum disease has been found quite active in complicating diabetes. Gum disease can cause gums to be pulled away from the teeth. When the gums are pulled away, they cause gaps. These gaps allow infectious bacteria to do the damage. If you are a patient of diabetes, your body will not produce enough amount of insulin to fight gum disease. As a result, problem will get severe with time.More inflammation can lead to bigger infections. This is the reason that it is quite important to take care of your oral health, especially when you have the problem of diabetes.

Impact of dental problems on pregnancy

There are a lot of things that pregnant women have to consider in terms of health care. They have to avoid certain foods and ensure a balance intake of prenatal vitamins. However, they usually overlook the importance of regular dental checkups. One thing worth mentioning here is that poor dental health can affect pregnancy and unborn baby. Therefore, daily dental care and regular dental visits are very important for the pregnant women.