Why Flouride is One of the Best Things for Your Dental Health

Why Flouride is One of the Best Things for Your Dental Health

Fluoride is a necessity for patients to have healthy, strong smiles that last a lifetime. For kids who are still learning to make their smile the best they can be, or patients that struggle with tooth decay on a chronic level, and those who have teeth that are sensitive, oral or topical types of therapy might be great for improving the strength of the enamel of the tooth. Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of fluoride therapy, and what you can benefit from this.

So first, what is fluoride. It’s a compound of minerals that bind to the tooth enamel, and it’ll strengthen the teeth by replacing the hydroxyl molecule that’s within the enamel of the tooth. As your teeth are attacked a lot by plaque that’s acidic, this can help with preventing damage, and also weakening the enamel of the teeth as well.

Sl o who should get this type of treatment? Well, younger children that still are developing their adult teeth may need this if they don’t’ get enough fluoride from the tap water or in their diets as well. Kids who have adult teeth may benefit from this too, especially since it’ll help with developing the best in oral health. Patients that have sensitive teeth may also benefit from this, and if you get teeth whitening, you should get this in order to avoid dental sensitivity too. This is also good for those with general problems with their oral health, and who would benefit in this type of regard.

So how do you get it? Well, it usually happens during your dental checkups. When you go in for the exam, you’ll get a coat of fluoride painted on your teeth, and from there, you simply go on your way, but don’t consume any beverages or food a half-hour after it’s done. Some people can also get these in a prescription form, and you can get this in many different ways.

If you need something stronger however, we do recommend the prescription fluoride toothpaste that can be used to strengthen your teeth each day. If you have dental sensitivity, or if you experience a lot of tooth decay, you might want to get topical fluoride gel, since this can be easily put on, and it is recommended.

How many times should you get this though? The answer, depends on your oral health. There are a lot of people who benefit from this type of fluoride treatment, and even getting it throughout the years as a kid will benefit you. You can also get this a lot as an adult. Some people believe that once you’re an adult, you don’t need this. That’s where you’re wrong. You need to get this type of treatment as often as you can, since a lot of people tend to easily get tooth decay from the foods that you consume, and for adults, there is a lot that can happen over time, and it’s good to take care of your oral health.

So if your’ e not considering fluoride treatment today, you should do so. You should always consider the type of thing, and it’ll help you out a lot.